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NeuroMuscular Therapy: An End to Chronic Pain:

100 million Americans are suffering from chronic pain, according to a new study prepared by National Institutes of Health’s National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health (NCCIH).  1 in 5 Americans experience pain every single day for 3 months or longer.  Far too many people give up after spending way too much money on countless failed attempts of trying to stop their pain. 

The Nervous System is designed to produce normal muscle tonus at 30 stimuli per second.  If the body is under stress or either physical or emotional trauma, the nervous system stimuli increases its rate per second and if left untreated, this over stimulus to the body will spread to other areas of the body eventually causing a general contraction of all the major muscles. This would have a profound negative effect on the entire Cranial Sacral System as well as all the systems of the body thus starting a “chronic pain cycle.”  Think of it as an overload in an electric circuit. Bringing the stimuli back down through NeuroMuscular and CranioSacral Therapy will “Pull the plug” on the pain cycle. 

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Wouldn’t it be life changing to not only release muscle tension and align the bones, but to actually reset your Nervous System?  This would have a profound effect on all the systems in the body including emotional well being, finally breaking the pain cycle thus eliminating chronic/acute pain all together.  This is exactly what NeuroMuscular and CranioSacral Therapy together are designed to do.  Chronic pain is not something you have to live with, NeuroMuscular Therapy along with CranioSacral Therapy can break the pain cycle allowing you to take back control of your life allowing you to live pain-free the way you were intended to.

Because NMT and CranioSacral Therapy combined together are so effective, there is no need for deep pressure.  The “dig it out” method is never used in NMT, as it is not just a quick fix, it is meant to create long-term results as stated above by “pulling the plug” on the pain cycle and re-setting the Central Nervous System, which will ultimately benefit the patient by eliminating the cause of a person’s acute to chronic pain and emotional distress. 

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