Raising Teens

Raising Teens


Everyone has their own path in life, creating their own individual life story.  As children grow up, they too will have their own individual path and get to create their own life story.  The difficult part is learning to let go of them.

When a child has depended on their parent/parents, and the parent has been their guide and protector for so long, it becomes bitter-sweet to see them grow up.  There are those sweet proud moments for instance, like seeing your child learn how to walk, helping them pick themselves up when they fall and watching them try even harder the second time around.  Yet, there are those bitter moments when they become young adults and do not want us to pick them up when they fall or make wrong choices, or sometimes even follow a destructive path.  But those bitter moments for parents can turn into joy.  Joy of seeing them become independent, learning from their mistakes and setting a path for their own journey and personal life story.

While raising children, it is a parent's job to guide them, protect them, and teach them right from wrong.  Parents can only hope that they will grow up making the right choices in life.  Parents get to protect their children when they are young, they get to kiss and hug their pain away.  They can discipline them when they do not listen or do not obey the rules.  These innocent little children depend on and need their parents.

As parents, your children mean the world to you.  You want to nurture, care for, protect, love your child and keep them from any possible harm.  When parents see their children hurting or being hurt, they not only grieve with their children but their hearts hurt as well.  Parents not only have their own emotions,  but they will also be effected by things their children do.  Weather it be overwhelming joy or overwhelming heartache.

So how do you let go?  Parents need to first realize that their children's path's are their own.  And as they grow up, parents need to let them live their own life.  They need to learn from their mistakes and choices.  Parents should always be there for them, but must also realize that as they become adults, they may not want your help, and that is ok.  They are gaining their independence and learning what life is really all about.  Parents need to forgive them if they feel hurt or disappointed, and let go of any anger from wrong choices.  Otherwise it could be much easier for these young adults to be lead down the wrong path.  Love your children always, and show them that you love them.

It is such a blessing to watch them grow up, and to see their accomplishments along with making mistakes.  It is all part of the process of life.  You do not have to stop guiding them, but you should give them the freedom to become their own person.  It can hurt when it feels like you can not love your children back to you, but do not take it personal.  They too need to learn how to fly just like you. What you can do is love them unconditionally.  Be there when they need you.  And always pray for them.  You can never send too many blessings their way.

Here are some healthy ways to help you raise your teen(s) as they become adults.

  1. Pray for your children
  2. Love them no matter what
  3. Do not take it personal
  4. Do not hold on to anger or hurt
  5. Be there when they need you
  6. Keep your rules and boundaries
  7. Do not stop your own life path, your story is not over.

Remember, that every saint has a past, and every sinner has a future.  Through love and forgiveness, we are all given a second chance.

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4 thoughts on “Raising Teens

  1. That was a really good blog, Eva! I like how you write from the heart. I think all teens need parental guidance and yes I think it would be difficult for any parent to let their children go on their own. Parents know that the day is going to come, so love them the best you can. I like the list you have. Nice job!

    1. Thank you for your comment Olivia!! It is hard raising another human especially when we have no control, but we can only do our best, pray for them every day and like you said, love them the best you can.

  2. That was so insightful! As parents we all have, or will have to walk that path and your advice is spot on! It’s a hard path to walk but remember the “Footprints” we are never alone!

    1. Thank you Erika, and yes you are absolutely right, it can be a very hard path and we are NEVER alone! Thank you for your comment!

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