Blind Consent: Madelynn’s story

Vaccine Injury

Have you ever wondered why your child is always sick?  Why your child has so many food allergies, asthma, autoimmune diseases, autism, SIDS?  I have said this time and time again, for the love of your children, educate yourself.  Ask questions.   What are all of the side effects/adverse reactions that are listed in a vaccine insert? What are all of the ingredients?

I'm sure you all know of the DTaP and MMR vaccines. Here are just some of the side effects listed on the actual vaccine inserts which you can find directly from the vaccine companies website and CDC website. Sudden Infant Death, Guillain-Barré Syndrome, Meningitis, Febrile convulsions,  Afebrile convulsions or seizures, Thrombocytopenia Syndrome, respitory disorders (Asthma), immune system disorders, Anaphylactic reaction, diarrhea and vomiting, hypersensitivity, Diabetes mellitus, Pancreatitis and death.
The adverse reactions I listed above are just a fraction of what is listed on an actual vaccine inserts. Please take the time to thoroughly read them all.

When it comes to aluminum, just 25 mcg is what is allowable for adults to orally ingest at the maximum safety limit.  And just a single vaccine contain anywhere from 125 mcg of aluminum to 850 mcg, which is not ingested orally but directly injected into the blood stream of these children, YOUR children!  The MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) on aluminum confirms that aluminum is a POISON. Children are not getting one vaccine with 250 mcg of aluminum, they are getting multiple vaccines at once injected into their blood streams.  Some children get between 3 and 8 vaccines at one doctor visit.  They are being injected with anywhere from 750 mcg to 2,000 mcg of aluminum all at once at each doctor visit!

Here is a list of some vaccines with their aluminum amounts:

  • Hib (PedVaxHib brand only) – 225 micrograms per shot.
  • Hepatitis B – 250 micrograms.
  • DTaP – depending on the manufacturer, ranges from 170 to 625 micrograms.
  • Pneumococcus – 125 micrograms.
  • Hepatitis A – 250 micrograms.
  • HPV – 225 micrograms.
  • Pentacel (DTaP, HIB and Polio combo vaccine) – 330 micrograms.
  • Pediarix (DTaP, Hep B and Polio combo vaccine) – 850 micrograms.

And here are some of the side effects of aluminum toxicity:  Weakness, fatigue, visual and auditory hallucinations, memory loss, speech and language impairment (dysarthria, stuttering, stammering, anomia, hypofluency, aphasia, and, eventually, mutism), epileptic seizures (focal or grand mal), motor disturbances (tremors, myoclonic jerks, ataxia, convulsions, asterixis, motor apraxia, muscle fatigue), dementia (personality changes, altered mood, depression, diminished alertness, lethargy, clouding of the sensorium, intellectual deterioration, coma).  The most notable symptoms of aluminum poisoning are diminishing intellectual function, forgetfulness, inability to concentrate and, in extreme cases, full-blown dementia and Alzheimers.   Aluminum toxicity also causes bone softening and bone mass loss, kidney and other soft tissue damage and, in large enough doses, can cause cardiac arrest.

This is just one of the ingredients  in vaccines.  Please pick up an actual vaccine insert, not just a pamphlet, but the actual insert and read it, read the ingredients, read the side effects.  Then ask yourself if you can look your child in the eyes and without a doubt tell them that you educated yourself before you made the decision to either vaccinate or not.
Please, learn the facts and the truth.  Read up on the lead Senior Scientist Whistle Blower Dr. William Thompson.  He is doing everything in his power to get subpoenaed in order to testify against the CDC for fraud of vaccine data. Congressman William Posey has copies of all 10,000 documents and data of the fraud that was committed.  The copies are actually downloadable themselves.  Some of you may actually have the time to read them.  There is truth to this, there is documented proof, there are children being damaged right before our very eyes.
Here is my daughter Madelynn's story, both in writing and on video...

My daughter Madelynn Camille was born on Kodiak Island, Alaska. She had her first vaccines immediately after she was born.  A few hours after her vaccines, another nurse came in and tried to give her all the same vaccines again.  Thankfully my sister was there and stopped her. She told the nurse that she had already had her vaccines and the nurse argued with her.  Finally after my sister told her several times to check her chart, she did and saw that she was in fact about to give her a double dose of all the vaccines she had just received!!!  This is something that happens all too often.

I had no idea at the time of any adverse reactions from vaccines.  I did what the doctors told me to do, thinking  that I was doing the right thing for my baby girl.

I was constantly in and out of the Doctors office with Madelynn when she was a baby.  She could not keep my breast milk down, and she was always sick.  When she was a year old, we left Alaska and moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico.  She was still having a lot of immune issues after we left Alaska.  She developed RSV and pneumonia both at the same time when she was just 14 months old and  was hospitalized in ICU for two weeks.

When Madelynn was a year and a half she started getting kidney infections all the time. She was diagnosed with a severe case of kidney reflux.  Her doctor put her on antibiotics for an entire year to keep her from getting kidney infections and to see if she would outgrow her condition.  The antibiotics destroyed her immune system even worse.  She developed pneumonia two times that year and strep three times. She did not outgrow the condition and had to undergo kidney surgery at age 2 1/2.  The surgery did correct her kidney condition, but unfortunately she was still very immunocompromised.

Shortly after her surgery, I found a new pediatrician, Dr. Kenneth Stoller, whose main focus was getting Madelynn's health back.  At her first visit with him, he said do NOT vaccinate your daughter or she would have allergies, asthma and possibly other problems.  So I stopped vaccinating her. Her doctor also allergy tested her.  She had developed food allergies to dairy, wheat and nuts.  I completely changed her diet and took her off of all processed food and sugar. She had finally started to seem more healthy again and had much more energy.

When Madelynn was 3 1/2 years old, we moved to  a different city. She seemed to be doing much better.  But then came Pre-K.  Her teacher sent home a letter saying the children needed to be up to date on all of their vaccines.  I found a pediatrician there who said Madelynn needed to be vaccinated in order to go to school.  She said that after everything Madelynn had been through, this would be the best decision I could make for her.  Like so many other parents, who are misinformed and who believe everything the doctors tell them, I too believed the doctor.  I thought that I was protecting my daughter. I thought this would keep her from being sick again.  So I went ahead and had her vaccinated.

Within about 2 weeks of her vaccinations, Madelynn's teacher called saying she would not stop screaming and crying.  I immediately picked her up from school.  She was screaming and crying saying her hands and ankles were hurting.  I took her to the Doctor and they did some blood tests.  The doctor thought it was rheumatoid arthritis, but The tests came back negative and her symptoms got worse.
She was constantly crying and screaming from the pain.  I can not even begin to describe what it is like as a parent to be completely helpless  and seeing your child suffering  such tremendous pain.  It is absolutely heart wrenching.

A few days later  I noticed one of her eyes started to go cross-eyed. One morning she stared at me and started giggling and looking at me strange  saying that I had two heads.  She was seeing double!  The first thing that went through my mind was brain tumor!!  I was terrified.  I rushed her to the hospital.  The doctors did tons of eye tests and blood work.  They had her try to walk a straight line, but she kept falling over because of the double vision.  Still they had no answers. We were sent home and I was told to just monitor her.  That same day, a very dear friend of ours Christina Horst who is an absolute angel, came over and saw my daughter.  Christina got her keys and said we are taking Madelynn back to the hospital NOW and she took us back.  This time they admitted her and had a neurologist examine her.  During the exam, the doctor found that she had no reflexes whatsoever.  They did some nerve tests and were going to do a spinal tap as well.  The nerve test results came back showing that there was a significant loss of nerve impulses which was sufficient enough to not have to do a spinal tap.

The Neurologist gave my daughter a positive diagnosis of Guillain Barre Syndrome.  The Doctors said they needed to keep a close watch on her in the ICU because the GBS causes paralysis, and could cause all of her organs to shut down putting her on life support. They also told me that there was another little girl in the hospital with Guillain Barre syndrome who so sadly had become paralyzed and was on life support.  At that point it had affected Madelynn's reflexes, nerves, legs and arms and optical nerves.  And it had become a waiting game.  One of the neurologists treating my daughter asked me if she had recently been vaccinated.  That was the moment it hit me. Just like a kick to the gut.  My legs felt weak, I wanted to drop to my knees.  I knew at that very moment why my daughter was laying in the ICU.  Never had I imagined this could happen to my child because of vaccines.  I thought I was protecting her.  I thought I was being told the truth.

Since then I have been a huge advocate on getting parents educated.
After several weeks, by the grace of God, the doctors did not think that she was going to get any worse, so my daughter was released from the hospital. Because Guillain Barre syndrome causes paralysis, Madelynn had problems walking and sometimes problems talking. She would try to draw and scribble on paper to communicate.  Some days she could not walk at all, so she would scoot around on the floor.  Madelynn did get better and started walking and talking again sooner than expected, and her pain was gone.  Her eyes are no longer crossed, but the pupil of the eye that had become crossed gets very dilated.  Still to this day, her eyes are extremely sensitive to the sun.
Shortly after Madelynn was released from the hospital she develop severe asthma and chronic pneumonia which she would get several times a year causing her to be hospitalized for weeks at a time.  She has been chronically ill since birth, but by the grace of God she has made it through and always with a smile.

We moved to Arizona when she was 7 yrs old, and were blessed to find a great pediatrician.  I told her pediatrician about Madelynn's diagnoses of Gillain Barre Syndrome and she said that my daughter should NEVER be vaccinated again, which I had already made up my mind not to after the Guillain Barre Syndrome.  The Doctor said that the reason being that it could cause the GBS to come back and could be fatal next time.

I also found an Allergy Specialist because she was constantly being hospitalized for pneumonia and was missing months of school each year.  Her allergy doctor suggested allergy shots.  I started taking her to get allergy shots, and over a 5 yr course thankfully her asthma was finally under control.

She has had a weak immune system ever since, and just recently had her gallbladder taken out which was functioning at 0%.  She may have to undergo one more intestinal surgery, but through it all her spirits are very high.
Madelynn Camille is my everything.  I would be completely lost without her.  I thank God everyday for the miracle of my precious daughter.

If you have a chance please watch the Documentary Vaxxed From Cover-Up To Catastrophe.  Here is the website with more information. This documentary is NOT an anti-vaccine documentery, it is simply exposing the fraud and destruction of data that the CDC has commited.

Please feel free to contact me.  My husband and my daughter and I stand very strong in what we believe in and would love to talk to anyone who has questions or concerns. We are not here to sway you in any way or convince anyone to become anti-vaxxers, we just want you to make an informed decision knowing all risks involved.
Sadly my daughter was already vaccine injured.  The damage has been done, and we have to live with it.  All I want to do is help educate so that you will not have to live through it.

So please for the love of you children, educate before you vaccinate.

Videos and Books I highly recommend

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